Dr. Riebling


Search Services

1. Trademark Searchs:

Prior to your using a new trademark or a name for a new product or service you must make sure that no third party has protected this name. If you fail to do so you must stop using your new name and pay damages to the trademark owner.

Therefore it is important to clarify the legal status prior to using the new name. For this reason the following foreign rights are to be clarified by searchs:

1.1 Infringement of foreign equipments and famous trademarks (Mercedes, Persil and so forth)

1.2 Infringement of registered German trademarks

1.3 Infringement of international trademarks protected in Germany

1.4 Infringement of European trademarks protected in Germany

1.5 Infringement of foreign, older company rights

2. Patent Searchs

Prior to filing an application for a new invention it is advisable to clarify if this invention is protected already. This applies also if, without filing your own application, you start to use a new technology which could infringe foreign protective rights as well.

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