Dr. Riebling



On five continents Dr. Riebling’s Patent Attorney’s Office represents the interests of its clients!

Comprehensive world-wide protection of technical inventions, competent consultations in the matter of German and foreign trademarks.

License agreement consultation, preparation and negotiation.

Comprehensive and long-standing experience in infringement suits.

A great number of national, European and overseas patents of either entrepreneurs working in our geographical area or companies acting internationally with places of business all over the world are represented and enforced successfully. Because of the high degree of the international orientation of the office modern communication means like email and long-distance data transmission shorten the ways and ensure a rapid protection of rights. Nevertheless the personal representation on site does not come off badly. Each and every protective right is looked after with due care and personal engagement.

An advantage for our clients: We do not charge hourly fees, but lump sum fees are billed for the handling of patent and utility model applications. Therefore the costs to occur are visible at a glance easily.

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